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Our school board has failed us. Time for a recall!!

Great News!

Butte County moves to the "Orange" Tier

This is perfectly-timed for our School Board meeting NEXT WEDNESDAY (April 7th), when we will decide on the learning model for the rest of the school year. It's time to finally do what's right for kids and families in Chico. It may not be convenient for everyone (for many of us it will be a lifeline) but as we've seen over the past couple of weeks, many of our area youth are desperate for the normalcy, support, and safety that only full-time, in-person school can provide.

Action News Now: Chico Students Rally for Mental Health & Full Time Learning

Take a few minutes to watch and listen to these students' words! They are desperate for help! They don't have lobbyists. They don't have a Union. They only have us, the adults, to look out for them.

The Boardmembers responsible will never be able to wash away the stain of this mental health tragedy.

Reopen NOW! Recall ALL Boardmembers responsible!

Board Meeting to Discuss Return to Full-Time Learning April 7th

After months of ignoring the science and the reality of what's happening to our kids, the school board is finally starting to feel the heat.

In light of the CDC's recommendation that 3 feet desk spacing is far enough, the April 7th meeting (currently scheduled to focus on social justice/racial equity) will have a discuss returning to full time in person learning.

Children in our community have suffered record levels of learning loss, failing grades, mental health visits to our local hospital, and the tragic death of students due to suicide. Now is not the time to stop applying pressure to the board!

Going to school for just two hours a day is just not enough.

"I'd like to see school days getting longer and longer. It would make me feel like heaven."

There is nothing magical about 4 feet and a San Diego Superior Court judge agrees!

Judge Cynthia Freeland ruled in favor of parents, by issuing a temporary restraining order that prohibits the state from enforcing the provisions of its January framework for reopening schools, which includes “arbitrary” restrictions that have interfered with local school districts’ reopening plans and impeded in-person instruction from resuming.

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Judge favors parents, rules that state's framework for re-opening schools is 'arbitrary' in its prescriptions

As of March 2nd, 79% of Chico Unified staff have received the Covid vaccine.

We are glad that Chico Unified has vaccinated so many, but we are not happy with the District's unwillingness to return to full time in person learning, even after being given priority on vaccinations.

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Local nurse, Jackie Munoz, discusses mental health impacts of school closures and the drastic increase in mental health problems in children.